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Roses-Rose is considered the most beautiful gift of nature. There is nothing left unwritten or unspoken about roses. For many it is an inexhaustible inspiration for color, shape and scent. Roses can be grown in a fantastic range from garden to the wild. Can be used as an elegant shrubs, in addition to the pergola, the eminent detail in the middle of the lawn ... represents a kind of unique stamp for each garden.



Our work over the years became noted and outside the country, so we get the trust of one of the world`s largest breeding houses of new varieties and cultivation of roses ROSEN TANTAU from Germany and became their agents for the Balkan countries.



Besides the production of roses, conifers and ornamental shrubs we professionally design and construct gardens and do the greening of public spaces with guarantee of the quality for one year.You can find attached some of the solutions that have successfully implemented and now are in great shape.    



A few plants have the quality of ornamental conifers: an elegant shape, evergreen needles (except for a few species), longevity, adaptation to different soil, minimal care, and above all an enormous diversity of varieties and sizes, shape and color of needles. All this applies to both types of large size and the dwarf garden cultivars.


Shrubs and Trees

Trees provide a great variety of shapes and sizes. A man can always find the right tree for his garden. With their prominent presence we can build parks and gardens with: their crown to provide protection from summer heat, leaves us protected from the wind, pollution and noise. The trees are with us throughout the year, goes with us through all seasons. From the smallest to the largest varieties, their leaves and the increase is spectacular even in autumn.