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Our work over the years became noted and outside the country, so we get the trust of one of the world`s largest breeding houses of  new varieties and cultivation of roses ROSEN TANTAU from Germany and became their agents for the Balkan countries. Therefore we raised professionalism to a higher level of organization, set up another in a series of standards, and only one in this region we gave this noble profession legal basis for modern European business.

That`s why our partner from Germany surprises us each year with the latest varieties that we are testing for a few years in our area, and after that, what else, we hasten to you with new ranges of these adorable ``queens of flowers``. One can say that during this test we choose ``flower of flowers``; because only it gets ``visa``; for your garden. And believe us, it is a great thing  to work with many wonderful things and work with wonderful people. And must say that we have that luck ...