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About us

Let us return to that distant 1931st year when Ivan, who was illiterate peasant, began grafting fruit. In the first year grafted 250 fruit trees and felt the joy of life. He continued to work, learning and children, and when in 1939. died Živojin continued, and Janko helped him. They worked in that job until 1941, and then came Munich, the Germans occupied Prague, the world has darkened,smell of blood was in the air.

Everything changed and he ended up in bondage while Janko stays home to take care of the nursery and home. When this terrible episode in world history ended Živojin returns and continues to work with his brother Janko. Their fruit was at the price,they produced 100,000 pcs. of seedlings and grafted fruit trees per year. 1955th The People`s district awarded first prize for a collection of exposed fruit.

And then sometimes the case comes to happiness, 1960 Živojin resides in Vrnjacka spa and meets German Jochan Schefeling-infact a gardener who referred him to the secret world of roses. Gave him the address of a company in Germany from wich he orders 40 varietes in 3 pieces and so it all began ...

During the seventies nursery Topalovic Brothers changed the overall structure of roseary in the former Yugoslavia and created yards that are indispensable in today`s manufacturing processes. Nurserie in these areas has brought great sensations that never before had not been seen (Black Rose, Rose Marshal Tito, the Blue Rose ...).


TheNursery takes Ivan J. Topalovic


Ivan M. Topalović (1882-1939)

Dies Živojin Topalovic and his sons (Ivko and Zivko) is pressed into other professions leaving nursery,leaving Janko and his son Ivan to continue the tradition.



Živojin I. Topalović (1916-1990)

Gold rose as the winner of the festival `Roses of Lipolist`


 Janko Topalovic died and nurseries bussines is assumed by his son Ivan Topalovic. 



Janko I. Topalović (1928-1990)
Ivan J. Topalović (1958-)


At the second international horticulture trade fair in Novi Sad gold medal

At the third international fair of horticulture in Novi Sad gold medal and a championship trophy as overall winner of the fair.

On the fourth horticulture fair Silver Champion Cup

Recognition of the heir of the throne Alexander Karadjordjevic and obtaining the title of Court Supplier.

Nemanja I. Topalović (1987-)
U rad rasadnika se uključuje Nemanja Topalovic.

At the international fair in Moscow gold medal for the quality of roses.
The second time in a row as the best producers of packed deluxe roses, we won gold medal for quality products at an international fair in Moscow `Flowers 2010th`.With these awards, we have included our nursery, without false modesty, in a ``club`` of the most quality nurseries in the world. In Serbia there are many nurseries, but there is only one right. This is the one where all the roads and vanes leads you,nursey `Topalovic Brothers`. Do not think that nurserie `Topalovic Brothers` is the largest in Europe, but the quality is equal to the others. Our roses are growing everywhere. They make life much more bearable, more beautiful and easier for all of us. Our roses where present at each of your highschool party, in any premonition of first love and later, in any situation being brought by life, from birth, wedding ... to the end. You did not even know that they are from Topalovića, from the village Lipolist called after lime, and famous for its roses.